Whether you are a body corporate, developer, resident or owner the Blackstone Property Services Team can offer its assistance. The Property Services Team delivers experienced management, a personalised, quality service and more value for your dollar.

We will assess each piece or programme of work and offer a range of solutions and budgets delivered by an experienced team with a willingness to complete and finish work to a high standard. The Team can offer packages or select service options.

See below for a Brochure outlining key services or to Get in Touch with us and find out more.

Bspoke is a leading commercial cleaner with origins in the hotel industry, which means the Cleaning Team offer only 5-Star hotel quality and service levels, along with high grade upholstery and carpet cleaning services and a focus on using environmentally friendly products. The Team are fully insured and trained to work to Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) standards.

Bspoke specialises in regular and one-off deep cleans, particularly at the start of finish of tenancy leases (otherwise known as exit and entry cleans). With their hospitality background training, the Team delivers 5-Star hotel cleaning quality and service levels, high grade upholstery and carpet cleaning and a focus on using environmentally friendly products.


With Bspoke Maintenance Services, you will be served by a Team that takes a proactive solution based approach to problem solving of all maintenance and building issues. Bspoke has its own experienced maintenance team to complete work as well as utilise the skills of proven, preferred and trusted contractors as needed.

Maintenance Work
From completing essential work as needed to fulfilling long-term maintenance programmes, Bspoke will look to meet all individual, committee and building needs.

Maintenance Inspections
The Bspoke Team offers building owners and property managers thorough, regular common area, tenancy and building maintenance inspections.  We prioritise workstreams as well as presenting all options and budgets with quotes.


For owners and property managers, the Bspoke Team offers project management and work implementation services for actions identified and required under Long Term Maintenance Plans and Health & Safety Reports.


With an extensive skill set in building and work schedule management, the Bspoke Team offers a cost effective Project Management service and are experienced at successfully delivering projects in a timely, cost competitive manner.


The Bspoke painting services are available for most types of commercial and residential painting, including our ‘fast response’ touch up service if you need smaller areas painted quickly. The Team offers professional project management and clear communication alongside fast, reliable and quality service.

The Team has comprehensive liability insurance and are trained to work to Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) standards.