Luxury services and products can increase revenue, add appeal and reposition offers in the market. When something is more of an indulgence rather than a necessity, effectively positioning and managing the service is key to getting a return on investment and maximising revenue.

The Blackstone Team has worked with large hospitality and other leading brands, including The Hilton and Hyatt as well as niche resorts, luxury lodges, boutique property and luxury charter offers.

The Team currently manage a health and well-being spa, a hospitality amenity range, boutique concierge services and a chartered yacht service, including crewing and catering.

The Team has developed these offers in line with the returns and results sought and can develop and offer bespoke packages for these and many other luxury offers.

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All luxury offers require a truly tailored approach. The following initial steps give a taste of the approach the Team takes in developing these specialised offers:


Offer Objectives
In-depth, one on one meetings to understand all offer objectives.

Market Research
Thorough market and competitor research and analysis.

Offer Overview
Initial overview of positioning, strategy, budget and team options.

Brand Development
Full brand positioning proposal including graphic, packaging / design options.

Offer Development
Identification of any suppliers and recommendations for supply and distribution plans and channels.

Offer Marketing
Manage the creation of offer presentation and collateral, supporting PR and targeted or full multi-media campaigns.