The Blackstone Hospitality Group was founded in 2007 and is a wholly New Zealand owned and operated group of companies specialising in hospitality and property management and services in the Australasian and South Pacific regions.

We have been fortunate enough to attract some of the most talented professionals in our industry and the Blackstone Executive team are leaders in their respective fields. Many have stayed to build rewarding careers because of our entrepreneurial spirit, team commitment and culture.  It is a direct reflection of this culture that we have one of the lowest turnovers of employees in the industry.

Our approach to managing businesses at all levels within hospitality and property management sectors shows through in our results and we are proud be innovators and leaders in these areas.



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We provide management and professional services to standalone operations through to group owned portfolios in countries across the Australasian and South Pacific regions. With a network of professional contacts across these regions and as a member of the Property Council and Tourism Industry of Aotearoa we have access to the latest hospitality accommodation, property and travel trends.

Blackstone Hospitality Management has a large and varied accommodation portfolio, including its own properties.  From our management of this, the Team understand the importance of tailored services for each property and can offer management options and packages to suit any business model.

The Blackstone Hospitality team manages and develops accommodation and hospitality offers and properties for both local and off-shore investors.  Our personalised management focus and service ensure we achieve maximum value and returns from each property.

Blackstone Property Management presently manages a multi-million dollar residential and commercial portfolio from our central Auckland offices.

The Property Management Team are responsible for a broad spectrum of properties, for both local and off-shore clients, and will manage your property as they manage our own.  The Team offer specialised, tailored service packages for building and body corporate management and processes designed to return the best yield for all customers.

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Bspoke Management Services is Blackstone’s property services arm, offering essential or annual cleaning, maintenance programmes, complete commercial packages and building management.

Bspoke Services provides quality cleaning, maintenance, painting and building improvements from a network of experienced staff and proven companies and tradespeople. The Team also offer comprehensive Project Management services.

Within its overall portfolio, the Blackstone Team manage and develop luxury offers.  At present this includes a health and well-being spa, a hospitality sector amenity range and a yacht charter service.

The depth of management, hospitality and niche market experience within the Team - from product and service packaging to staff & crew assembly - has allowed us to develop tailored management plans for each area and these have delivered the results and returns sought.